Tire service

Benefits of our tire service

Tire service or so-called tire mounting works is one of the most demanded services in service stations among motorists and it is not surprising at all, because it is known that for the safety of all road users, including drivers and passengers it is necessary to closely monitor the condition of the wheels and tread wear, timely change used tires on all types of vehicles (trucks, cars, special equipment), regularly perform tire mounting associated with the change of season, other additional work, somehow related to the maintenance of tires Such approach of a car owner is guaranteed to provide good stability of the car while driving, to increase safety and to avoid unpleasant cases on the road.
Using modern equipment our masters will carry out bortirovat tires on disks, repair a puncture, inflate and balance the wheel, and then install it on the car, give necessary recommendations for further use of the car and answer any questions that interest you.
You can watch the process of work of our master being in a comfortable zone of expectation or visit our cafe and have a coffee.

We perform the following services

 Standard list of work:
 Installation and removal of four wheels;
 Technical washing of the four removed wheels;
 Removal of tires above 50 profile from four rims;
 Mounting of the above 50th profile tires on four rims;
 Balancing and optimization of the four tires and rims;
 Optimization of four wheels on the vehicle.

We do tire service:
1.Tires 12-24 diameter;
2.Low-profile tires;
3.Tires with RunFlat technology.

Light tire service

Assembly and disassembly of wheels
Balancing wheels
Mounting and dismounting on the car
Additional services

Repair of tires

Installation of patches, mushrooms and harnesses
Tread cutting
Remastering Installation
Valve installation 

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